About us

The world is changing radically in ways that content and technology interact.

Intermat is an association of professionals dedicated to working with companies to discover ways to capitalize on the changes that are occurring.

It is committed to helping companies focus their content development as they grow and expand their offerings as well as helping companies maximize their existing content assets in the digital domain.

The company is determined to provide superb quality service to its customers and to attracting world-class associates to help with the process.

Its current geographic focus is centered on east coast companies.


Intermat has helped provide both tactical and strategic advice to companies who are in the process of reassessing their goals.

It is helping companies exploit existing assets in the digital world.

Intermat is working with companies to develop digital strategies for the 21st Century.

Working with television production companies, Intermat is helping them develop new programming concepts and selling them through to a variety of distribution sources as well as helping find new markets for previously produced content.

It has worked with production companies and networks, providing strategic consulting services as the companies explore new markets, revenue sources and digital opportunities.

Intermat, Inc. A media consulting company.