Mat Tombers formed Intermat, Inc. in April 1999 to produce two one-hour specials for the Pax Network. Since then, our association of accomplished professionals has helped both networks and production companies and other organizations take full advantage of the opportunities presented by our rapidly changing media universe. We are a multifaceted television consulting company with expertise in content and business development, marketing and sales, with extensive experience in the digital universe. We are not an advertising sales company. What we’ve done for our clients we can do for you:

What we’ve done for our clients we can do for you:

Bring expertise into any content conversation

Find additional revenue streams for content opportunities

Explore co-production possibilities

Develop new ideas for your current skill sets


Intermat has the experience to help new digital and cable networks articulate their vision and find their place in the media universe. By working with Networks to review its sales material, marketing strategies and research Intermat helps shape presentations, offerings and proposals. Intermat did an extensive consulting assignment for Animal Planet International, reviewing the points where advertising sales, marketing and programming intersected, making recommendations on how to increase the success chances for the network’s advertising sales, based on information gathered from meetings with internal and external constituencies.


Production companies, like people, can get trapped in their comfort zones. They often become dependent on supplying a narrow range of programming to one or two networks and fail to fully capitalize on their skill sets to develop new programming and network relationships. Intermat, Inc. is committed to helping companies such as these broaden their reach, expand their offerings and find new markets for previously produced content. We have also helped companies secure co-production funding, find international distribution partners and explore home video opportunities.

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  • The nation’s largest coalition of faith-based organizations using media in their ministry, reached out to Intermat to help it create a digital strategy and presence. Intermat oversaw the development of a number of websites for the organization as well as managing the creation of the organization’s mobile app, CALL ON FAITH, the sixth most popular religiously oriented app outside of ones that were scripturally based. The company also managed the building of a Roku channel for the organization as well as consulting with it on its digital distribution and its social media strategy.
    Odyssey Networks
  • Intermat worked with the NxT division of LPD to develop to distribute their extensive library of inspirational short films via a number of digital channels.
    Lightworks Program Distribution
  • For the last eight years, LPG has had an output deal to produce non-fiction programming that has aired on the Hallmark Channel for Faith and Values, an owner of that channel. Intermat, Inc. has been and continues to work with the company to develop new programming ideas and to expand its network relationships. We helped negotiate the format rights for DADDY’S FIRST STEPS out of Holland, and developed THE NAKED BIBLE, which is in consideration at networks. We also discover new talent for their cable television programs and are actively involved in the company’s effort to re-position and re-brand itself.
    Lightworks Producing Group
  • The producers of the Emmy Award winning BAGHDAD ER had long-standing and successful relationships with PBS and HBO for news stories and long form documentaries. But when its normal outlets turned down OFF TO WAR, a project DCTV strongly believed in, they turned to Intermat, Inc. for help in securing another outlet. Intermat brought the project to the attention of DISCOVERY TIMES NETWORK, which then commissioned the project. Intermat was actively involved in the negotiation of the project’s contract and helped arrange legal representation for it. We also provided business expertise to DCTV by developing an international sales relationship and secure home video representation for the project.
  • This company is arguably the premiere PBS station in the nation. It is the home of Ken Burns, NEWSHOUR, WASHINGTON WEEK, and performance specials like THE MARK TWAIN AWARD. It called in Intermat to help explore production relationships beyond PBS. WETA has now produced a thirteen part series for OLN and produced a major special for The History Channel. In addition, Intermat just finished working with WETA to develop a relationship with Outside Magazine in which Outside will work with WETA and Pilot Productions on the sponsorship opportunities for the program Globe Trekker, one of most successful independent programs aired on PBS Stations.
  • One of the country’s foremost producers of lifestyle programs engaged Intermat, Inc. as it sought to develop new outlets and new ideas, asking Intermat to vet programming ideas and introduce it to new networks.
    Horizon Productions
  • Arguably one of the country’s most successful producers of historical programming, this company has had a long and successful relationship with A&E Networks, producing literally hundreds of hours of programming for The History Channel, A&E, and The Biography Channel over the last decade. It began work with Intermat to expand its client base and has successfully produced programming for Discovery Times Network and The Military Channel.
    Lou Reda Productions
  • This Louisville based company controls one of the largest archives of historical and military stock footage in the world as well as many hours of completed programs. Intermat has successfully helped the company license finished programs to Discovery Education for internet video streaming and has worked with the company to develop new relationships with other producers and companies to bolster its development slate.
  • The Stamford, CT based company has an outstanding record of producing films for networks such as ESPN. It is also actively engaged in digitizing and prepping linear material for the non-linear world for both ESPN and A&E Networks. In conjunction with one of its principals, Bob Altman, formerly Executive Producer for The Martha Stewart Show, Intermat is actively engaged in the development and marketing of new program ideas.
  • This boutique public relations firm based in Manhattan has as one of its clients a major association of physicians. Intermat, Inc. has been providing on-going consulting services, helping them developing an IPTV channel concept while marrying them to a production company that can accomplish there goals within their financial parameters.
  • It was the premier post-production house in New York. Betelgeuse also produced original programming like INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO. Even so, they were unable to expand beyond BRAVO and ESPN. Intermat, Inc. helped them refine and streamline their development processes and branch into lifestyle and long form documentary programming. We also worked with their associates to increase their development stream. Their work can now be seen on THE TRAVEL CHANNEL, DISCOVERY HEALTH, DISCOVERY TIMES, COURT TV and FINE LIVING NETWORK.
  • The producers of the award winning adventure travel series Globe Trekker (formerly Lonely Planet) retained Intermat, Inc. to help in the distribution of previously produced programs. We also facilitated their dialogues with networks for projects in development.
    Pilot Productions
  • Intermat, Inc. assisted this unit of TED TURNER PICTURES in creating a business development strategy. We were also instrumental in helping them integrate with PBS, which carried their premiere production, AVOIDING ARMAGEDDON.
    Ted Turner Documentaries
  • Teamed up with Intermat, Inc. and Lee Miller Productions to produce two hours of caused related television programming for the Pax Network on the adoption of abandoned animals at shelters around the country.
  • We helped represent this video streaming advertising solutions company to the New York Advertising Community and helped forge its relationship with the American Association of Advertising Agencies.
  • This publisher of books based on television projects had a New York Time’s Best Seller in its companion guide to Survivor. Intermat, Inc. worked on the company’s business strategy and consulted the company when it sought a round of financing.
  • Andrew Goldberg, producer of “Armenians: A story of Survival”, consulted with Intermat on new project development for commercial cable networks.
    Two Cats Productions
  • Stephen Carey, one of the nation’s top Executive Producers of live corporate productions, is the founder and director of this multi-faceted production company. The company hired Intermat, Inc. as the television content consultant.
    Blink Communications
  • Intermat helped develop a project that utilized core hard assets of the company in digital formats.
    Riverhorse Ventures